Next Speaking Slot: PatientCare Asia 2014

My next speaking slot is actually for the ISS Seminar titled “How Analytics is Transforming Healthcare” due next Friday, on the 31 Oct 2014 (one can access the registration page here) but for this blog post, I am going to share with you my speaking slot after the ISS Seminar.

Scheduled from the 10 – 12 November (Monday – Wednesday), PatientCare Asia will take place at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition centre.

For PatientCare Asia, I will be delivering a presentation titled “Propelling future care with patient-oriented health informatics” as well moderate a panel titled “Resolving the bottlenecks in greater adoption and ubiquity of ehealth“, both sessions takes place on the 11 November (Tuesday). For the observant, while the title of my presentation is identical to the one I presented at PatientCare Malaysia 2014, rest assured that there will be updates to the presentation contents 🙂

What really piqued my interest for this particular conference (other than the fact that I liked one the organisers did in Malaysia) is the pre-conference workshop by Randall L. Carter of Plantree (For the curious: I don’t know Randall personally).

Titled “From should to could: Patient-centered care as a goal that can be set, measured and attained“, the workshop touches on one of my favourite topic: Patient-Centered Care, which in my humble opinion, a viable care model that not only help achieves the triple-aims but is crucial if one wants to effectively adopt technology to help enable better care (else it would just be one big GIGO exercise).

I am personally looking forward to PatientCare Asia, are you?

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