Next Speaking Slot: ISS Seminar – How Analytics is Transforming Healthcare

Healthcare is being transformed through better use of data and analytics. Analytics is the new buzzword in the healthcare industry. The use of analytics can help healthcare providers and payers better predict who is at risk of specific disease conditions as well as educate them on preventive steps they can take. Statistical methods continue to play important roles while new emerging technologies are establishing their reputations in solving complex problems in a timely fashion. The technological shifts allow healthcare providers to analyse large volumes of information quickly so they can identify and take action on their patientsā€™ medical conditions faster and more accurately.

Did the description above catch your attention? If so, do consider joining me at aĀ free seminar titled “How Analytics is Transforming Healthcare”,Ā organised by theĀ Institute of System Science (ISS), part of theĀ National University of Singapore (NUS)Ā on theĀ 31 Oct 2014,Ā 9am – 12pm.

I would be joining 3 other speakers (which includes Dr. Steven Tucker) in the seminar to share how analytics be utilised in a healthcare setting. My topic in particular is titled “Sensible Data Governance to Enable Healthcare Analytics” where I will introduce the basicĀ concepts pertaining to Data Management and Governance in the healthcare setting as well as examining the different levels of interoperability and how it affects the quality of data to be used for Analytics purposes.

What makes this seminar slightly “different”Ā is that it is set in an academic setting, this makes me really eager as it is unleashing the educator in me!

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