Updates on HIMSS Asia Pacific 2014 – Digital Healthcare Week

Al-right folks, time for some updates pertaining to HIMSS Asia Pacific 2014 – Digital Healthcare Week, that took place last week.

In a nutshell, the event went on pretty well, both conference and exhibition. The part I loved most, was the opportunity to catch up with friends and acquaintances in the industry (internationally)  as well as getting to meet virtual friends in person as well as new folks.

While I am not going to bored you with specific details pertaining to the conference (besides, there were too many concurrent tracks – I had to miss certain sessions I was interested in due to conflicts of schedules) but there are a few specific highlights I would like to share.

First item on the list is of course my own session – Harnessing Crowdsourcing in Health & Healthcare, which went pretty well. I am glad to see a reasonably high amount of interest on the topic among the audience, even though it is a relatively new concept in this part of the world.

Second item on the list would be Dr. Rafael J. Grossmann’s session titled “Google Glass in Healthcare – Creatively Disrupting an Already Broken System“. It was pretty interesting to hear from Rafael on his experience with Google Glass since he was the first surgeon in the world to use the device during surgery. For the unaware, I played a key role in getting Rafael as a speaker for the event and I was really glad that he came (he is a busy man) because I got a chance to try out his Google Glass (its a neat gadget) 🙂

Adam in Google Glass

Third item on the list would be May Yeok’s session titled “Teaching Healthcare IT Using Simulation – The NYP Experience“. I made the decision to attend this session because I am the Solution Architect for the NYP-HIMSS Center of Excellence. I am hoping very much that other institutes of higher learning will be motivated by NYP’s success via this project and proceed to develop real health informatics curriculum (those who are indeed keen, drop me an email).

The last item of the networking event organised by the Australian Trade Commission (Austrade). This networking event was organised by Austrade (not involving HIMSS Asia Pacific) at the Australia High Commission where the Australian exhibitors partaking the shared booth at HIMSS Asia Pacific 2014 – Digital Healthcare Week (under the Austrade banner) came together with selected invitees.

What made the networking event interested was one particular exhibitor, I’m not going to reveal the name as to maintain vendor-neutrality but to give a hint, their services (personalised medicine / healthcare)  fundamentally changes how healthcare is administered. Intrigued? You should be and I strongly encourage you folks to check out the websites of these exhibitors (or drop me an email).

Well, that’s it for me on HIMSS Asia Pacific 2014 – Digital Healthcare Week (although I have lots more to share). Till my next post 🙂

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