Next Speaking Slot: Singapore Medical & Healthcare Conference

Did you know that Apple will be providing live streaming for iPhone/iWatch event on 9th Sep? That aside, while I’m really excited about the launch, I intend to share another topic in this particular post – The inaugural Singapore Medical & Healthcare Conference.

Organised as part of Medical Fair Asia (which is one of Asia’s most influential medical and healthcare exhibition), the conference will take place from 9-10th Sep at Suntec Singapore. With the theme “New Paradigms in Healthcare” – this inaugural conference aims to showcase Singapore’s cutting edge advancements in the medical and healthcare arena.

What I like about this conference is that it is a medical & healthcare event, not a health informatics event, hence the advocacy impact will be greater (higher ROI if you will).

The topic I will be presenting is titled “Bridging the eHealth Divide: Effective Health Informatics Adoption” (which if you noticed, is binaryHealthCare’s tagline) where I will demystify the purpose and scope of health informatics as a discipline and illustrate how health facilities and agencies can achieve effective adoption of health informatics as an enabler for better patient care while lowering cost.

Having said that, I am slightly more excited about the iPhone/iWatch event which will take place first 🙂

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