Updates on PatientCare Malaysia 2014

Time for some updates to PatientCare Malaysia 2014

The inaugural conference was by many metrics, a successful one with more than 150 attendees (from over 40 hospitals in Malaysia), as mentioned back on the 8th August, the topic I presented was “Propelling future care with Patient-oriented Health Informatics” and for the curious, the 2 main subjects I elaborated were Patient-Centered Care and Patient-Centric Care (among many other related sub-topics).

As for the panel, I think it came as no surprise that the discussion would be robust and thought-provoking given that both Dr. Amirudin Hisan, Director of Telehealth Division, Ministry of Health, Malaysia and Dr. HM Goh, Medical Director and COO, University of Malaya Specialist Centre were with me on the panel 🙂 For those who were interested in the discussion but missed it, all I can say is – your loss. (but I’m sure there is a next time).

With regards to the other topics presented, there were content and discussions on strategies leading to excellence in healthcare delivery, patient experience, patient safety and service quality management which I personally enjoyed tremendously, it truly was a good event.

Kudos to the organisers – Sphere Conferences and for the interested, they are organising PatientCare Asia in Singapore from 10 – 12 November 2014.

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