IEEE unveils eHealth standards projects

As we all know, IEEE produces tons of standards, among which includes eHealth standards, hence I thought I’ll share this piece of news I chanced upon at Clinical Innovation.

IEEE, an association for technical professionals, has launched several standards development projects designed to further innovation in eHealth.

The new IEEE Standards Association’s (IEEE-SA’s) projects are intended to produce standards to support plug-and-play and interoperable communications across personal health devices and three-dimensional (3D) medical systems.

The most recent standards under development include five that are designed to improve wellness monitoring and preventive healthcare and support independent living, wellness and fitness. These are:

  • IEEE P11073™-10404a “Health Informatics – Personal Health Device Communication – Device Specialization-Pulse Oximeter Amendment;”
  • IEEE P11073-10407a “Health Informatics – Personal Health Device Communication – Device Specialization-Blood Pressure Monitor Amendment;”
  • IEEE P11073-10408a “Health informatics–Personal health device communication Part 10408: Device specialization-Thermometer Amendment;”
  • IEEE P11073-10415a “Health Informatics – Personal Health Device Communication – Device Specialization-Weighing Scale Amendment,” and
  • IEEE P11073-10420a “Health informatics — Personal health device communication Part 10420: Device specialization-Body composition analyzer Amendment.”

The IEEE-SA also launched projects designed to yield standards that would help advance 3D imaging and simulation in healthcare.

“The launch of these new standards-development projects for eHealth is another indication of the IEEE-SA’s commitment to improving quality of healthcare and wellbeing of people worldwide,” said Konstantinos Karachalios, managing director, IEEE-SA, in a statement.

How here is the kicker, it is no secret that Continua adopts a wide myriad of other established standards including IEEE’s, while I have not reviewed the above-mentioned standards (hence I can’t make an informed opinion yet), would these new standards be complimentary or competitive?

Food for thought eh 🙂

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