Next Speaking Slot: 4th Annual EHR Conference

We are fast approaching the mid of June 2014 (in order words, the mid of 2014), I guess time does flies when one is busy.

June this year is an interesting period for me as it is the first time I am experiencing the “Singapore June Holidays” as a parent. For the curious – so far so good as I scheduled non-critical work away from the month as to spend more time with my kid. However, I do have one speaking engagement this month – the 4th Annual EHR Conference organised by IBC Life Sciences, Asia.

Scheduled for the 17 – 20 June, the 4th Annual EHR Conference will be held at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront in Singapore. In line with the conference’s theme (Advancing Patient Centered EHR in Asia), the topic I will be delivering this time is titled “Blending Standards and Workflow to achieve sustainable EHR Adoption” and the content includes;

    • Relationships between Standards, Interoperability and Analytics
    • Common Challenges in the development, adoption and implementation of EHR solutions
    • Design methodology to incorporate Clinical Workflow, Terminologies and Common Datasets in EHR models

Now I know the description above sounds vague and generic so I will let you on the actual knowledge to be transferred – I will be talking on effective and substainable SNOMED CT and ICD 10 implementation. Now talk a step back and re-examine the description I put above and put it in context with SNOMED and ICD.

Excited? I betcha 🙂

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