Ramblings: Cook Medical’s Thought Leadership Forum – Wireless Technology in Healthcare

I was recently invited by Cook Medical as a panelist  for their Thought Leadership Forum (which they  hold several times a year).

Themed ” Wireless Technology in Healthcare“, the panel discussion took  place on the 22nd May (Thursday) at Conrad Hong Kong and the first thing I must say about this panel is that it is one of the most organised  panel I have ever participated. Credits goes to their PR partner – Racepoint Global.

The panel was joined by Prof Philip CHIU (The Chinese University of Hong Kong), Ian Sandars (PWC Hong Kong) and hosted by Dr. Anthony Wikinson (Cook Medical).  The diversity brought forth by the panel served not only as interesting by also rather insightful, this resulted in a fruitful discussion that diverts from the usual” technical and end-user’s point of view” to one that is cross-disciplinary yet close to the heart.

Some of the topics covered includes the question of Privacy and Security, implications brought forth by the lack of payers (with government and/or insurance provider) as well as mainstream topics such as trends, drivers and barriers. 

The only negative thing that happened was that I caught a really bad cold, which left me sounding hoarse during the panel and resting in bed for the next few days (I rested from Friday till yesterday).

The other “complication” brought by the bad cold was the inability to articulate as much as I had wished (I just didn’t have much voice left in me) and this was evident  during the post event interview (which is recorded) where I have to give abbreviated answers, I have a feeling I sounded rather bad in that interview as I was really close to losing my voice).

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