Updates on Crowdsourcing Week Global Singapore 2014

Last week was a somewhat busy week with speaking engagements at Crowdsouring Week Global 2014 Singapore and CHIA & HIMSS Chengdu Dialogue 2014 China. (I will provide an update on the latter in a separate post).

Due to a minor family emergency, I could only attend the morning session of 9th April (Wednesday) where I had to present my topic – Generating Healthcare Data for Transformation through Crowds and participant in a panel where we discussed Innovations in Healthcare. Both sessions went pretty well and feedback has it that my message and “know-how” shared was quite clear (on how to generate data usable for meaningful use and analytical purposes in a healthcare / clinical context).

I had to leave for the airport immediately after lunch (to fly off to Chengdu, China) hence in all, I only attended Crowdsourcing Week Global 2014 for half a day. However, it was definitely an amazing half-day!

The sessions were thought provoking and the interactions were definitely fruitful, I honestly had hope to stay longer because the sessions were all so refreshing to the mind (and to a certain extend, the “soul” of a social entrepreneur trying to do his/her part  in making a difference to the world).

Thankfully, Epi (Ludvik Nekaj) invited me to help curate the healthcare topics for 2015, allowing me an opportunity to fully enjoy the “Crowdsourcing Week Global” experience in 2015.

If you are reading this and feel excited (or curious) on the power of Crowdsourcing (in its various forms), make a note to join the event in April 2015!

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