Next Speaking Slot : Crowdsourcing Week 2014 and HIMSS Dialogue Chengdu

As mentioned back on the 31 March, my next speaking slot is at Crowdsouring Week 2014 and I personally think the event is interesting because of the nature of the topic – Crowdsourcing.

Unconvinced? Then check out the event’s agenda. I will update you folks more on my experience with the event (the event has not started yet).

In addition to Crowdsouring Week 2014, I also mentioned that due to a conflict of schedule with prior engagements, I will be flying to China, hence missing out half of the event.

Well, the reason why I am flying to China? I am the opening keynote speaker for the HIMSS Dialogue Chengdu (yup, I will be going to Chengdu in China.)

Co-organised by the Chinese Health Information Association (CHIA)  and HIMSS Asia Pacific, the theme of the dialogue is ” Breaking health information barriers, supporting clinical decision making” and I will be delivering a lecture on Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) where I will examine;

  • Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS), the Five Rights Framework and what does Intervention comprises of
  • The concept of Interoperability, Standards (related to CDSS) & Data Governance
  • Segments within the eco-system where one should pay attention to while testing for compliance

Interested in the topic I will be presenting? Drop me a note if you are.

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