Ramblings: 2nd HL7 Asia Symposium, Healthcare Innovation 2014 and more

Last week was quite a week (well, at least for me) – 2 events took placed and I’m going to share them briefly;

The first event was the Healthcare Innovation 2014 conference that took place from 11-12th (Tuesday – Wednesday) March in Singapore. At 300+ participants, the turnout was really good, consisting of administrative, operational, clinical and technical personnel across the health continuum. The speakers were assembled from around the region, all highly knowledgeable and eager to share their experience and perspective, I was really glad that I had the opportunity to catch-up with old friends and made new ones.

What really made  Healthcare Innovation 2014 stand out from other conferences was the format adopted – mostly interactive panels with only 3 invited speakers (lucky me as I presented a topic plus sat on a panel for another). I honestly think that it was a great conference for me to start the year and I thank the organisers for letting me be part of its success.

The second event was the 2nd HL7 Asia Symposium, this took place on the 13 – 14th (Thursday – Friday) March in Singapore too. Yes, you read it right, it was a back-to-back schedule.

As the name implies, the 2nd HL7 Asia Symposium is a continuation from the 1st HL7 Asia Symposium held last year (in Japan) and it’s sort of special to me because I am the Organising Chair + Conference Chair. We had friends and “HL7 colleagues” from USA, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Philippines flying into Singapore where we meet, network and discuss about all things HL7 Asia on the first day (yes, there is a HL7 Asia Charter that is being worked on).

On the second day, we had a full day conference where the various oversea delegates delivered interesting topics to the audience – mostly members of HL7 Singapore, including attendees from IHiS and MOH Holdings (there were close to 60 attendees, which was a good turnout since we only registered 60 – the venue could only hold that many participants).

The symposium was definitely a great success by many measures and one of the many learning points I took home from this experience was – it is not easy to organise a conference, even if it is a small one!

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