Upcoming article and a new book

I had a rather interesting conversation recently (at one of those year-end events) – that I should also dedicate some of my thought-leadership efforts on business strategies and (more of)  clinical transformation insights.

The rationale was, although I work on both aspects frequently for commercial projects, I do not talk about it in binaryHealthCare.

A quick review of the content in binaryHealthCare reaffirmed the feedback – while I have been sharing knowledge on (a wide spectrum) health informatics, I have almost never share insights on business strategies for commercial activities and post very little on workflow and quality optimisation (which is actually one of my favourite topic).

As such, I have decided to write an article that answer one of the most commonly posed question to me by ehealth providers interested in venturing into the Asia-Pacific market – to set up base in Singapore or Hong Kong.

In addition, I will also be authoring a new book titled “Achieving Transformational Care” where I will clarify misconceptions, share insights,  best practices and strategies on how to optimise existing resources, redefine workflow and utilise technology to achieve transformational care.

Stay tune!

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