Updates on Clinical Trials Technology (Shanghai)

Greetings dear friends,

I am back in Singapore and thought I will share some updates on the Clinical Trials Technology conference that took place from the 3-5 December in Shanghai.

First of all, the smog in Shanghai was terrible (BBC mentioned that it is one of the worst bout of pollution ever) and I am glad I got out of the city (although I think Shanghai is a nice place).

For the actual conference, I liked the cosy set-up, this allowed participants and speakers to mingle and have actual conversations. The agenda itself was also pretty good, covering a wide spectrum (from standards and technology to regulatory and innovate projects) pertaining to Clinical Trials.

There were some very good speakers, both international and local that contributed to the conference, I delivered a topic titled “Incorporating Cloud Computing in Clinical Trials” which was quite well received (thankfully).

There is one particular incident that I would like to share. There were two delegates from Singapore, who came to Shanghai, hoping to learn from conference as they couldn’t locate the expertise in Singapore to help advise them. I was half-amused when I handed them my business card as I was invited to fly from Singapore, to contribute to China’s development in this area.

However, that is the common ‘complaint’ I hear in my local community – that there is no local expertise, whereas I never seem to find enough projects in Singapore – hence the reason I fly all over the world for work (and sometimes for other governments).

Nevertheless, with the exception of the smog, I found the trip to Shanghai quite enjoyable. Maybe I should consider moving over 🙂

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