Updates on the Second National Conference on Medical Informatics, Thailand

I decided to provide a quick update on the Second National Conference on Medical Informatics, organised by the Thai Medical Informatics Association while I wait for my next flight.

The conference took place at Bangkok (Thailand) from the 27th to 29th November and it I must admit, the turnout surprised me – there were so many people! (I reckon there are at least 400 pax).

As mentioned in a previous post, instead of delivering a presentation, I participated in two panels instead. Panels are always interesting because every country has their own style for panel discussions and for Thailand, it appears to be a “take turns to voice your opinion on a topic” as opposed to a discussion-style. (note: I’m not endorsing or displaying a preference for either formats – depending on the context, both formats can be really useful).

The other really cool thing that happened during this conference was that a friend brought me to Baumgard Hospital (where she works as a Radiologist) for a site-visit. It is important to mention that my last site-visit to Baumgard Hospital was about 10 years ago and a decade later, this hospital still amazes me (hint: They are a master of customer service, workflow optimization and effective technology adoption).

The timing of this trip was also great as I am starting to wind down for the year and Thailand is actually a great place to relax (the holiday season is fast approaching and I am actually quite exhausted – I have set foot on six different countries in November alone). However, my “travelling spree” continues well into December as I still have to present in one last conference – Clinical Trials Technology 2013, Shanghai, China from 3rd – 5th December (This is also the reason why I can’t speak at Patient Care Asia 2013 – I accepted the speaking invitation to Clinical Trials Technology first).

Till my next update!

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