Next Speaking Slot : General Hospital in Malaysia and Digital Life Congress in Philippines

As mentioned in the previous post, my schedule in November continues to be rather tight. I will be flying off to Malaysia tomorrow (Tuesday) for the General Hospital – Hospital Management Senate 2013 (Wednesday)

The topic to be delivered would be on  Analytics and Big Data, which seems to be a very popular topic these days.

Immediately after the conference, I will be flying back to Singapore as I have reservist duties the next day (Thursday. This is also the reason why I am unable to speak at Cloud Expo Asia 2013).

On Friday, I will fly off to the Philippines for the Digital Life Congress and Expo (on a side note, I believe everyone should take attend at least one conference in the Philippines, where conferences are organised in a very different and entertaining manner. It is an experience one can never forget!).

The topic I will deliver in the Philippines would be on Health Information Exchange and I am pretty excited to be visiting the Philippines again.

Now, if you think that is the end to the tight schedule I have for November, think again 🙂 However, that is again, “another topic for another day”.


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