Updates on HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week and SCS Business Continuity Management Conference 2013

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I posted an entry and I do apologize for that. Immediately after HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week and SCS Business Continuity Management Conference, I embarked on a two weeks working holiday in Taiwan and Hong Kong and just got back to Singapore.

For the curious, HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week went pretty well and there were some really awesome presentations. Personally, I am very pleased with the Imaging Informatics Panel I moderated  (under

  • the Technology and Infrastructure for Healthcare Forum) as well as the paper I presented (on behaviour Health Economics) at the mHealth Forum. Feedback from the audience in forms of feedback and individual conversations co-relates with my experiences, adding an additional layer of assurance.

However, the panel on “Standards Based Platform for mHealth Adoption: What Governments Need to Know” at the mHealth Forum where I participated as a panellist was in my opinion  a little disappointing as the topic was hijacked into something totally different.

To add to the disappointment, this is the first time I witness a large number of audience leaving the room where I am in a panel (and I participate in a lot of panels). This is one experience I will remember for a long time.

Immediately after HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week, I presented at the SCS Business Continuity Management Conference. To be honest, I didn’t attend the whole conference as I was involved in another workshop (commercial work) in the morning but I must say, the turnout for the Business Continuity Management Conference was really quite impressive, even after lunch!

Although I was physically exhausted by the time I am scheduled to deliver my presentation, the sheer enthusiasm and energy of the crowd helped to motive and energize me (I did sleep very early that night and woke up very late the next day).

My presentation was on the roles of Big Data, BCM and Cloud in healthcare and from the feedback received, I did pretty well for my presentation, even though I didn’t really have the time to deliver the full presentation (I only had 20 mins), this was a relief as I was a little concern over the lack of allocated time.

In all, it has been a busy October but alas, the tight schedule continues well into November, however, that is another topic for another day.

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