HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week (Singapore)

In one of my previous post, I provided an update on a few upcoming that I am personally involved in, one of them being the HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week (to be held in Singapore from 21-24 Oct 2013 at Marina Based Sands, Singapore) and I would like to provide more updates pertaining to this event.

In addition the previous roles of;

I will also be joining a Panel discussion titled “Standards Based Platform for mHealth Adoption: What Governments Need to Know” at the mHealth Forum.

And of course, I must remind all HL7 Singapore members that they;

  • Get 10% off prevailing rates to HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week
  • Get to attend the Special Networking Session for free as HL7 Singapore has purchased tickets for members
    (yes, HL7 Singapore’s membership has a fantastic ROI!)

I will post more updates on HIMSS Digital Healthcare week in due time and as usual, if you are attending the conference and would like to catch-up, please drop me a note 🙂

See you folks at HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week!

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