Ramblings: Upcoming Conferences in this region

I’m actually feeling kind of groggy (jet-lag) as I am writing this so do pardon me if it end up sounding somewhat weird.

I thought I will share with you folks on a few upcoming conferences which I am personally involved in (one way or another). Personal bias aside, I honestly think they are really good conferences to be at – for both knowledge transfer and networking (depending on what one is looking for) so here goes;

1) The Inaugural HIMSS Digital Healthcare Week, held from 21-24 Oct 2013 in Singapore.
(HL7 Singapore members get 10% off prevailing rates)
How am I involved:

2) The Asia-Pacific HL7 Conference on Health Care Information Standards 2013, held from 25-26 Oct 2013 in Taipei, Taiwan
How am I involved:

If you noticed, the dates for both events are pretty close and due to a conflict of schedule (I have to be in Singapore on the 25 Oct), I will have to give the conference in Taipei a miss. The ironic part is I would be in Taipei on the 28 Oct for holidays. Such is life I guess – you can’t have it all!

In addition to the conferences above, there is another one that might be of interest for those involved in Standards;

3) 14th International HL7 Interoperability Conference 2013, held from 28-29 Oct 2013 in Sydney, Australia

While I am not personally involved with this conference (its organised by my Australian counterparts), I think they have something interesting going on so do check out the conference agenda if you have interest in Standards, especially the up and coming FHIR from HL7.



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