Ramblings: Updates on AMBIS 2013 Annual General Meeting (14 Aug 2013)

Yes, that’s right.

The Association for Medical and Bio-Informatics, Singapore or AMBIS, held their 2013 Annual General Meeting (AGM) back on the 14 Aug and I thought I’ll post some updates on this.

I’d like to start off by providing more information as to who AMBIS is, what does it do etc.

AMBIS is the professional society representing the Singapore community of professionals at the interface of biomedicine and ICT Originally set up in 1988 as the Association for Informatics in Medicine, Singapore (AIMS) and renamed in 2003, the AMBIS now promotes growth and excellence in the exciting disciplines of both health informatics and bioinformatics in Singapore in recognition of the growing relevance of informatics in the life sciences.

It is also important to note that AMBIS is a national member of the International Medical Informatics Association (IMIA), a member of the Asia-Pacific Association for Medical Informatics (APAMI) and a regional affiliate of the International Society for Computational Biology (ISCB).

So what is my role in AMBIS?

Well, I joined as a Full Member back in the 2006 and started serving on the Executive Committee since 2010. During the 2013 AGM, I was elected as Vice-President of AMBIS, making this my  four term (each being a 1 year term) on the Executive Committee.

The newly elected President – Dr. Lawrence Tan, hails from the other side of the camp – BioInformatics. Hence as the new Vice-President, I am mulling over how to leverage on my appointments in other local and international health informatics association so as to ensure that the activities AMBIS initiate will bring value to the Singapore health informatics community (as mentioned above, AMBIS looks after both the Health Informatics and Bioinformatics community). Do kindly stay tune for further updates.

I guess it is exciting times ahead 🙂



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