Ramblings: I lost my phone

It was a raining heavily when I woke up this morning but I didn’t see it as a gloomy day because rainy days are nice (I live in Singapore).

The day became gloomy when I realised I lost my phone, the worst thing is, I knew where I left it – on the attendance registration desk of the school where my daughter current attends.

Along with the phone was my prepaid MRT (metro) card, 50 bucks in cash (emergency stash I left in my phone jacket) and the lovable fortune cat decorative charm my wife bought me.

This coupled with the fact that;

  • It is Monday
  • I have to work on an urgent assignment
  • The hassle of having to get another phone, reinstall all my apps, retune my phone so its at peak performance etc. just killed my mood.

I am going to find out if I can get the phone’s IMEI block so as to render it useless.

Ah well, goodbye to my trusty old Samsung Galaxy S2 (running Android 4.3), I will honestly miss that phone as it was the perfect size (for me).

Sob sob.

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