Updates to the Inaugural HL7 Asia Symposium and General Assembly

Dear all,

I’m back in Singapore and thought I will provide an update to the Inaugural HL7 Asia Symposium and General Assembly held recently in Tokyo, Japan.

The symposium was in my opinion, a success as the intended objectives of sharing knowledge, experiences and forging closer relationships for upcoming collaborations were definitely met.

For the event, we had Dr. Charles Jaffe, CEO of HL7 International, Dr. Michio Kimura, Chair of HL7 Japan, Dr. Byoung-Kee Yi, Chair of HL7 Korea, Dr. Donglei Feng, Vice-Chair of HL7 China and myself, Chair of HL7 Singapore.

In addition, we also had speakers from Japan, China and Korea and it is precisely this mix of speakers and audience that makes the entire symposium interesting as the perspective shared are from a global yet local point-of-view.

There is one particular observation I would like to share – all of these countries are utilising HL7 CDA and IHE profiles in large-scale health IT implementations. This provides a sense of indication on the viability of these established standards in the quest to achieve interoperability.

In all, I am glad that I made the trip to the Inaugural HL7 Asia Symposium. Till HL7 Asia Symposium 2014!


  1. Rene Spronk says:

    Hi Adam, do you know if (& at what URL) the presentations have been made available ?

  2. Adam Chee says:

    Hi Rene,
    Unfortunately, I don’t think the slides will be made available online (nor offline – I don’t have them too).

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