Inaugural HL7 Asia Symposium and General Assembly

Dear all,

HL7 Asia is organising the Inaugural HL7 Asia Symposium and General Assembly from 18 – 19 July 2013 in Tokyo, Japan.

Titled “Healthcare for the 21st Century in Asia -HL7 leads Standardized Approach” , distinguished speakers across Asia (mainly representatives from the relevant local HL7 affiliates) will cover topics like Cloud Computing , Mobile Health, Info Button, -Meaningful Use and EHR/PHR.

Due to budget constraints, I will serve as the sole representative (and speaker) from Singapore but I understand that there are  strong representation (up to 4 delegates) from China, South Korea and of course, Japan (there will be attendees from other countries throughout Asia attending the symposium too).

As the only representative, I will be doubling up on duties throughout the two days;

  • 18 Jul
    • Serve as Chair for Symposium 1
    • Present a topic ‘Image Enabling the EHR’ at Symposium 2
  • 19 Jul
    • Present updates pertaining to HL7 in Singapore at Symposium 3
    • Present a topic ‘One Patient, One Record in Singapore’ at the Joint Symposium with HL7 Japan

I will post more updates after the event but if you are thinking of making the trip to Tokyo for the Inaugural HL7 Asia Symposium and General Assembly, then drop me an email.

Do note that there is a nominal fee of US$100.00 payable to HL7 Japan (to cover some of the cost). Please ping me if you are interested in attending!

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