Ramblings: Updates to 2nd Annual Connected Health Asia 2013

As mentioned on the 14 June, I would be speaking at the 2nd Annual Connected Health Asia 2013 conference. As per usual, I am going to provide an update (my perspective) on the event.

Firstly, the agenda differed slightly from the version published on the official web portal but in general, bulk of the speakers were pretty good (and they definitely know their stuff) and quite a few key topics caught my attention.

Secondly, there is something in particular I would like to share with you folks. On the way to the morning break (which is after delivering my topic and moderating the panel discussion), I had the medical director of a mid-scale medical group from India approaching me with feedback pertaining to my topic.

While the entire conversation is too much to be repeated here, the keywords he used was that the knowledge shared “helped cleared the cobwebs”. That conversation was the best thing that happened during the event – validation that the mission of binaryHealthCare is still relevant (and that we are heading in the right direction).

In all, I definitely enjoyed the 2nd Annual Connected Health Asia 2013 conference (and the opportunity to catch-up with friends and making new ones).

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