Ramblings Updates to Cloud Asia 2013

Time to provide an update pertaining to Cloud Asia 2013 that took place from the 15-17 May at the Marriott Hotel, Singapore.

Co-organised by IDA Singapore and Informa Telcoms & Media, Cloud Asia 2013 was also held in conjunction with Cloud Security Alliance’s Inaugural Asia-Pacific Congress.

When I first accepted the invitation to speak at Cloud Asia 2013, I had a ‘slight concern’. You see, Cloud Asia 2013 is not the typical genre of conference I speak at – it is not a Healthcare or Healthcare Informatics oriented conference;

  • I was not sure  if the audience will understand the industrial terms and concepts pertaining to healthcare informatics (hence I took the precaution and time to explaining them during the presentation)
  • and if they are, will I be able to impart something useful to them?

As it turned out, the experience for both myself and the audience (at least for those who attended my presentation) was fabulous. I was initially taken aback by the number of attendees who came up to me during tea-break (I only stayed for the morning break) and lunch, expressing their appreciation/congrats (for a good presentation <- their words, not mine), thanks and more importantly – questions.

To explain the context – during conferences where I present, I rarely get any questions upfront in person. Any queries, clarifications and discussions usually happens after, via emails or when individuals in the audience bump into me at a different occasion.

The problem with this is, I speak in several conferences every year and I seldom recycle the topics (this is to ensure new knowledge is constantly shared and also not to bore anyone in the audience who attended a presentation /lecture from me recently) so the opportunity to engage in a timely discussion is lost.

Hence, from an advocacy perspective, I think Cloud Asia 2013 was fantastic and I am so glad I had the opportunity to contribute.

From a personal perspective, I actually met up with several people, both existing acquaintances, friends and made new ones – which is always good as meeting new people usually translates to receiving new perspectives and even better if they are from a different industry (one has to look at the big picture from several angles 🙂 )

In all, Cloud Asia 2013 has been really great for me!

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