New Article: Use Case vs. Process vs. Workflow – Which is the secret ingredient?

Firstly, to answer a question that has been posted to me rather frequently (in the past few months) – “Why have I stopped releasing whitepapers”.

Before I attempt to explain why, I must first apologize; I have not released a whitepaper for this year (and it is already close to mid-year).

Truth is, I have lots of stuff I want to write about, however, I just can’t find the time as I am always busy writing other stuff – assignments (I am working on a MPH and a MBA at the same time), work (consulting projects that requires lot of writing) etc. etc.

Now for the good news – I found some free time (unexpectedly) so I took the opportunity to author this piece – “Use Case vs. Process vs. Workflow – Which is the secret ingredient?”, illustrating the difference between Use Cases, Processes and Workflows.

The underlying rationale for this whitepaper is due to the confusion from;

  • eHealth Professionals, especially those who have never worked in an actual clinical setting before
  • eHealth Educators trying to teach eHealth when they have no actual real life eHealth experience and/or clinical exposure

The keywords for both categories above are – actual experience (or rather, the lack of it) and these folks are often;

  • Unable to determine the differences between the Use Case, Process and Workflow (yes, it is different) and
  • Unable to apply them contextually, which in return hinders attempts to improve outcomes during optimization projects (which is my favourite sort of work).

Confused about the differences between Use Cases, Processes and Workflows? Then this article is for you 🙂

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