Ramblings: Healthcare Innovation 2013, Singapore

As usual, I thought I will provide some updates on the events where I delivered a topic. This post is on Healthcare Innovation 2013 that took place from the 27-28 March at Singapore Marriott Hotel.

This “Healthcare Innovation” conference is in its fourth year and I must say, it is getting even better!

The speakers this year are pretty good (I am not saying that the speakers last year were crappy  so do not misquote me) although there were a fair bit of vendor-organised talk, not that it is necessarily bad as some of the vendor speakers shared some really good insights.

As usual, I had the pleasure of meeting many old friends, many from overseas, as well as the opportunity of meeting new people.

With reference to the exhibitions, Microsoft was one of the sponsors and they had the Surface Tablet (both versions) at their exhibition booth. I had to mention the Surface Tablet because I have wanting to get my hands on the Surface Tablet (Its not officially released for sale in Singapore yet) so thanks to exhibition (and to Gabe Rijpma), I got a chance to fiddle with the device.

For this conference, I participated as;

  • A panelist for “Integrating clinical services to connect primary, secondary and tertiary care”
  • Panel Moderator for “Building vendor neutral medical imaging informatics in Asia”
  • Speaker delivering a topic titled “Standards for Consumer Healthcare – Enabling the Enabler”

I think I did pretty well for both panels but I must admit, I ‘slipped up’ for my presentation.

Not serving as an excuse – I reduced the number of slides recently (after being notified that my speaking slot has been shifted to the last item of the day – I didn’t want to overrun my timing and have everyone staying back) and was a little ‘unfamiliar’ with the new deck of slides. During my presentation, I ‘jumped the gun’ (by mistake) on a particular sub-segment by skipping two whole slides and totally lost my pace and train of thought.

While I tried to recover from the mistake, I realized that trying to clarify the concepts would confuse the audience so I decided to plough through it. So if you were one of the participants in audience and wonder why my message was a little disjointed – well, this is the reason why.

Again, it is not an excuse, I will definitely learn from this experience and for those who didn’t catch my message, what I was trying to convey was;

  • Determine the end-goal, assess the current state, define the proper workflow before selecting the technology, followed by the relevant standard
  • Consumer health should always be patient centric so ensure that your workflow is catering to that (and not system limitations)
  • There is no one de-facto standard for consumer health, there are different standards for different segments but there is no one-size-fits-all

Initially, I felt terrible as this is the first time I made such a mistake (the presentations I delivered after jet-lags were better than this) but the saving grace (in my opinion) was when Professor Steven Boyages came to discuss some of the points I made during the presentation, agreeing with me on two major points I made on why it is difficult to codify healthcare.

So that is it from me for Healthcare Innovation 2013, Singapore. Till the next presentation in April!

Update: Professor Steven Boyages sent a LinkedIn message after I posted  this blog entry, mentioning that he enjoyed my presentation. I guess I did managed to recover from the mistake (well, at least to a certain extend!).

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