Samsung Medical Center, South Korea

I recently made an extended trip (about 10 days) to South Korea, for a ‘working-holiday’.

The last time I made an extended trip to South Korea, I authored the whitepaper – Medical Tourism in Korea, Enhancing your outlook in life, this time, I will share with you folks, my experience visiting Samsung Medical Center in Seoul, South Korea.

My visit to Samsung Medical Center was not part of work, instead, I was kindly hosted by Dr. Yi, Chair of HL7 Korea.

I must start off by highlighting that Samsung Medical Center is a full fledge multi-speciality hospital with 2000 beds and it exhibits a beautiful, modern design.

In addition to a facility tour, I was also able to obtain some key insights to the hospital’s eHealth adoption as well as some national initiatives and perspectives (which is fantastic).

In all, it was a wonderful visit to Samsung Medical Center and to South Korea in general 🙂

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