Tours at the AsiaPac12 Interoperability Showcase

I’m serving as the Interoperability Showcase Manager for this showcase so do give me a heads-up if you are going to pass by the event. I’d love to chat and learn more about interoperability in your side of the world.

Visit the Interoperability Showcase from 17-19 September in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands to see how health information exchange impacts patient care!   
The Interoperability Showcase™ at AsiaPac12 is an event that demonstrates the power and availability of standards-based health IT solutions. The AsiaPac12 Interoperability Showcase™ in collaboration with IHE will feature clinical use cases that allow the attendee to create a patient record and watch it move from system to system across a continuum of care. For more information please send an email to Elizabeth Peters at with “AsiaPac12 Interoperability Showcase Tour” in the subject line.

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