Ramblings: International PACS Administrators Day 2012

It was PACS Administrator Day last Friday (31 Aug 2012) and I do apologize for posting this slightly late but I had a family emergency and spent the night away from any computing device.

Nevertheless, I would like to wish all medical imaging informatics a happy International PACS Administrator Day and I honestly hope you folks had fun.

On a side note, it was highlighted to me that emails going to PACSAdminDay.com has been bouncing back (that is a problem I kept having with BulkRegister.com for years (Their email forwarding breaks down every other day and their tech support is as good ask talking to a rock).

I’ve resetting the relevant settings and hopefully the emails can start coming in.

So please do send in your celebration stories, photos etc. to webmaster@pacsAdminDay.com


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