Advertisement: Expertise-as-a-Service (EaaS)

One of the item on my ‘To-Do’ list is to update this web-portal as to better reflect the services provided.

Yes, that’s right, in case you didn’t know, binaryHealthCare is,

a ‘purpose-driven’ (social enterprise) boutique consulting firm offering training, technical and marketing strategy solutions / advisory, specifically addressing the eHealth domains within (but not limited to) the ASEAN region while serving to “Bridge the eHealth Divide” by empowering stakeholders in both developed & LAMI counties  on effective, sustainable adoption of Health IT as an enabler for “better patient care at lower cost”.

While I have been able to sustain the various initiatives and work done via binaryHealthCare, it is always good to build a robust revenue stream  so I can keep the good things going (I’d also be sharing the pro bono work I’ve been undertaking over the years).

For the interested, the business model adopted here is the subsidised model – where I charge (extremely) reasonable fees for consultancy projects (I can do quite a few things, from go-to-market strategies to complex solution design) that pays for me to do pro bono work in allocated time (30% of work schedule).

The web-portal update will not be ready soon but in the meantime, I have decide to try something ‘tacky’ just to ‘spread the message’!

If you need a Subject-Matter-Expert or Thought-Leader but lack the budget for a full time resource, click here!

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