Ramblings: Connected Health Asia 2012

Connected Health Asia 2012 took place earlier this week (16-19 Jul) in Singapore and I had the pleasure (and honour) of presenting a paper and moderating a panel.

The paper presented was titled “Is EHR compulsory to make efficient use of technology in your hospital” where I touch on assessment methodologies as well as the HIMSS EMRAM model. Feedback from the audience (which was truly an international audience) was positive so that was a good sign since I was kind of tired  (jet-lagged)  when I delivered the lecture.

The panel itself was also interesting (I had Chuck Parker of Continua as well as Prof. Jai Mohan on the panel !) and I thoroughly enjoyed the 50 minutes worth of discussion.

Interestingly, one of the key ‘mystery’ uncovered during the panel is a sustainable business model for mhealth deployment (hint: it goes back to the fundamentals).

What I also got out from the event (other than catching up with old friends and making new ones) is the energetic and relevant discussions (there were several other panels of discussions) and great learning from speakers from all over the world (I know I’m emphasising it for the second time but it really was a great gathering).

To IBC Asia, the organisers of Connected Health Asia 2012 – Well Done and thanks for the opportunity for me to be part of this great event.

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