EastWest Institute Proposes Public Health Model For Internet Cybersecurity

I came across an article that is in-my-humble-opinion,  rather interesting.

The article starts off with the following paragraph;

Just as computers get viruses, cybersecurity professionals should consider establishing a framework to surveil and monitor networks’ health worldwide based on a global public health model, an international cybersecurity think thank proposed in a recent report.

Surely that’s an innovative approach to ensuring ‘Community Health’ in cyberspace and what approach can be better than models adopted in Public Health to monitor Community Health!

Granted that the model would not be a perfect fit (the article briefly examines various angles  to the approach so I’m not going to bored you with additional analysis) but viewing the approach from both sides of the coin (I hold an qualification in Infocomm Security and am in the midst of my MPH, among other endeavours of knowledge-pursuit), I do see a high degree of co-relation between the two disciplines.

For the interested, the original article can be accessed here and the actual report, here.

(I’ve not read the full report yet but I promise to 🙂 )

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