Ramblings: Updates to the HL7 Singapore Townhall Meeting

If I can use only one word to describe the event, it would be “Rewarding”.

That’s right – Rewarding (especially Desmond Kwan, who won the lucky draw for the set of comprehensive SOA training materials).

The Townhall meeting included a training session on SOA by Ken Rubin, Chief Healthcare Architect for the US Federal Healthcare Portfolio for HP Enterprise Services (who was invited by MOH Holdings, Singapore) and the training is the rewarding part.

The training session started with Ken sharing his experiences on Healthcare Enterprise Architecture, Informatics, and SOA – why should one care about it followed by the relationship between HL7 V2, CDA, and SOA and how to plan for Continuous Transformation.

The last part was an interactive and hands-on workshop that illustrated the design implications of a SOA architecture, setting  the stage to rationalize the need for healthcare SOA standards.

For the interested, the slides will be uploaded to the HL7 SG website, accessible by members (well, I’ll have it uploaded once I get the slides).

Rewarding mates, simply rewarding. 

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