Ramblings: I’m heading off to Vancouver

That’s right, I’m heading off to Vancouver, Canada for the next 2 weeks (well, actually it would be more than 2 weeks but lets just leave it as that).

So what am I doing there? (it is a long way from where I currently call ‘home’)

It is to attend technical work-groups –  two of them.

The first is the ISO TC215 workgroup, the Health Informatics Technical Committee that is responsible for the “standardization in the field of information for health, and Health Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to promote interoperability between independent systems, to enable compatibility and consistency for health information and data, as well as to reduce duplication of effort and redundancies.”

I’m attending the work-group as part of the official Singapore Delegation so its kind of cool (and making a difference mate!)

The second work-group I’m attending is the HL7 May 2012 Workgroup which I’m attending as HL7 SG’s Vice-Chair (the Chair will be attending too).

It would be my first HL7 Workgroup meeting so I’m not sure what to expect (although I’m sure it will be a fruitful trip).

So I’m going to be away for while and hopefully I’ll find the time to blog alittle (although the agendas for both events looks kind of packed).

Till my next update~

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