Ramblings: Aged Care & Telehealth

Before I rambled on Aged Care & TeleHealth, I must share that I had a really good week so far (well, it is still Thursday) and today, I attended a briefing (by the Singapore Government) to “Develop New Models of Distance Care for the Elderly” – by utilising TeleHealth.

Now aged care (and long term care) is one segment of healthcare that is very much neglected in Singapore the region and I was inspired (about 1.5 year ago) by a friend – Ken Tan of PulseSync (who also attended the briefing) to contribute to this under-served segment.

Since then, in addition to conducting secondary research on this topic, I also participated in whatever avenues possible to help implement eHealth in this area.

In addition, to formalise my knowledge in this segment, I enrolled (well, I’m still waiting for the paperwork to be cleared) in a Post Graduate Diploma pertaining to Aged Care (very typical of me.. lol).

So imagine the delight when this briefing on exploration of TeleHealth to enabled care for the elderly was announced!

In addition, my article on  Rural Health Provision via Telehealth Adoption was just published (while the context is different, several principles remains the same).

Is this a sign from the almighty? Time will tell… !

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