I mentioned in my previous post that I received something via the letter box that brought a warm fuzzy ‘awesome’ feeling.

Well, this letter came from Jon Ellenthal, President of TEDMED, the first two paragraph were:

Dear Dr. Chee,

I’m a great admirer of the innovative work you do at binaryHealthCare to deliver better patient care at a lower cost.

I’m the president of TEDMED, the world’s only TED-licensed conference focused solely on innovation and breakthrough thinking success across all of health and medicine. It’s clear from your work that you are exactly the kind of leader TEDMED is held for, and I invite you to join us.

To be honest, I froze for two seconds while reading the letter, to explain the reason why, I need to first give a bit of background context:

It was 11pm in the evening and I had a long day – I slept at 1am the day before, work up at 6am, deliver the keynote at an industry conference, caught-up with old friends, network with like-minded people, took a 2 hour cab ride to the Malaysia Airport where I waited for 3 hours, took a plane (which was delayed) back to Singapore, clear immigration, then a cab (about 30 mins) back home.

So yes, I froze for awhile, in a surprised but excited way, when I read the letter from Jon.

Then logic took over (the ‘bane’ of being a Mensan), I started to analyse the possibilities on why on Jon Ellenthal, President of TEDMED, would send me a letter (well, it was actually a package with some other stuff) from the USA – could it be a standard letter TEDMED sends on a mass basis to entice people to sign up for TEDMED? (these events aren’t cheap).

So I googled on this topic and realised two things:

  • I couldn’t find anyone else mentioning of receiving such a letter, hence it must really be exclusive (besides, why send it to someone working on a Social Enterprise in Singapore if the intent is to get delegates)
  • Attendance to TEDMED usually gets filled up very fast and is in high demand, there is no need to solicited delegates

I am truly humbled by the fact that the work done at binaryHealthCare has been noticed by someone like Jon, the feeling is really good and in a timely manner (but that’s another story for another time).

So ladies and gentlemen, I think binaryHealthCare is doing something right 🙂

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