Ramblings: Updates on HP Instant on Healthcare

Phew, I just got back to Singapore (its 11:45pm), from the HP Instant on Healthcare event, organised by HP in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

The event was a ‘closet one’ as the invitations were targeted, hence relatively selective but I think this shows wisdom in the marketing strategy of the organiser.

I met up with a few friends but in particular, I need to express my thanks to 3 particular individuals, two of whom are from Ministry of Health Malaysia and the third is from the most famous heart hospital from Malaysia.

Not only were they happy to catch-up with me, they expressed explicitly that they attended the event because I was speaking and I really felt encouraged by that (it’s not easy running a social enterprise and making a living as an independent consultant but its encouragement and affirmation like these that keeps me doing what I’m doing).

Of course, it is also important to thank my buddy (Head of IT for the most prestigious upcoming mega hospital project) for inviting me to speak (you know who you are mate).

I personally enjoyed the presentations delivered by HP representatives and to be honest, I kind of like the work / solution they bring to the hospital space.

However, there was something else in the letter box that brought a warm fuzzy ‘awesome’ feeling when I got back to Singapore, I’ll share more on that tomorrow, I need to catch my forty winks first.


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