Grahame Grieve’s training on Document Strategy & FHIR

I had the pleasure of attending another one of Grahame Grieve’s training session, a continuation from last year’s training on CDA and FHIR.

The 1 day technical training session was sponsored by MOH Holdings, Singapore to members of HL7 Singapore and the turnout was fantastic, I was a few minutes late and almost couldn’t find a seat!

The content delivery was definitely great with lots of insights and guidelines to CDA implementation but it was the further update to FHIR that stirred up some emotions.

FHIR or Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources is an initiative by Grahme himself that has the potential (and high chances) of being adopted as a HL7 Standard with a heavy focus on implementability.

At the same time, Colleen Brooks (Director of Standards, MOH Holdings Singapore and Chair of HL7 Singapore) shared on how the Singapore Logical Information Model (LIM) can work with FHIR and potentially be implemented in Singapore.

I am actually very envious as being part of something impact (and importance) doesn’t come ‘every other day’ and to be honest, I had the opportunity to participate in the ‘action’ but turns of events didn’t allow that to happen.

To better describe the feeling I have right now, its like a little boy looking at store window display of toys and honestly, it kind of sucks.

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