Ramblings: Moneyball – How analytics hit a home run!

I had the pleasure of being invited by Deloitte Analytics Singapore to  a private screening of Brad Pitt’s hit movie – Moneyball, (yesterday, prior to its public release in Singapore which is supposed to be on February 16).

The movie tells the real-life story of how data analytics was applied to the business of sports with dramatic results and I must admit, it was pretty inspiration at many parts.

What I really like to share with you folks is not about the movie (but its a great movie, do catch it if you can), rather, its my answer to a question posted to me by a Deloitte Analytics representative before the movie starts – “What is Analytics to me”.

My answer – its the science to the unknown.

Personally, I love my definition, (it wasn’t rehearsed and  think the Deloitte Analytics representative loved it too) because Analytics when implemented properly (I’m not talking about Business Intelligence) can help uncover the hidden catalyst or help point to a new direction and I can personally see how awesome it would be when applied in healthcare.

Imagine uncovering the common but unnoticeable disease causes because it is so remotely unimaginable or  just so far removed. In fact, the topic is relatively timely for me as I am working on a series of whitepapers (not going to share too much details yet) that will touch alittle on Analytics.

In all, I had great fun and I look forward to interesting initiatives from Deloittee Analytics.

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