Happy New Year

Goodbye 2011 and Hello 2012!

A new year has started and I took the opportunity to rest (well, a little) during the December 2011 period  (although I had a few ongoing engagements throughout them month) .

More importantly, I pampered myself with ‘gifts of festive cheers’ – books!

That’s right, I got myself a couple of books, 6 books to be exact;

  • 3 books on business topics (I’ve resumed my MBA Studies)
  • 1 book on healthcare (I’m doing a MPH at the moment)
  • 2 books on Health Informatics (on Standards)

Ok, I admit, I didn’t really buy books  the books for Health informatics, they were sent to me as a ‘gift’.

While I am happy to have an addition of 6 new books to read (I love reading useful stuff), I am somewhat a little irk that they are not ebooks (all the books have no ebook options) but happy in a way because I love reading hardcopy books (the feeling is just different, especially if you need to do referencing and research on it!)

Regular readers of binaryHealthCare’s blog will remember that I bought a Kindle 3 (Amazon now calls it the Kindle Keyboard 3G) back in November 2010 and I absolutely love my Kindle, which I utilise for reading of journals, books, reading materials for my MBA and MPH (both programs involves a lot of reading and thinking which is great), work related documents, and misc stuff for research projects I am involved in.

The Kindle is fantastic because I can access my ebooks / materials in a jiffy (no hassle, no bootup, very light, non-reflective eInk etc)  on  planes, during train rides (I sold my car, going green), waiting for people, in between meetings. It basically helped me squeezed that extra time that would have been otherwise spent on ‘people watching’ (which I like to indulge on at times, it provide insights on social aspects of things).

Now Amazon recently launched a series of new Kindles, including a tablet version but what really caught my eye was the Kindle Touch. Imagine all the greatness of Kindle 3 (mentioned above) plus a touch screen – sounds perfect, except that my Kindle 3 is in perfect condition and there is no really reason to change it (it’s a great device)

Well, as luck would have it, my younger brother got himself a Kindle Touch and I played around with the device for a while. My assessment is to stick with my Kindle 3. Here are the reasons why.

The Kindle (most of them) are designed to be used with just one hand (they have buttons positioned strategically so no matter which orientation you flip them, you still only need one hand to use it).

This means I can read my book while having a cup of coffee at the cafe without putting my Kindle down (there are many more scenarios where its handy to read with one hand but I’ll leave it as that).

With the Kindle Touch, I need to use both hands, one to hold the device, the other the flip the page – not so ideal.

The real problem however is that with the Kindle Touch, you cannot change the orientation (I reckon Amazon will fix this later but as of now, it can’t). This is a big no-no as I read a lot of files in PDF (too lazy to convert every single document into the Kindle format) and to read them properly, I need to read them in landscape.

So in a way I’m glad I didn’t changed my Kindle (I’m trying to live as ‘green’ as possible) and I do have the best Kindle in the range (the tablet doesn’t count, it doesn’t use eInk).

However, to read my new books, I’d have to carry them around – wish I had them as ebooks, I’d just load all of them in my Kindle and read whichever I like, whenever I like. Sigh.

Ah well, I guess I have lots of reading to do for the next few weeks (or even months… lol) .

One other thing I did notice – after buying so many books, I realised I am selling my books (the ones I wrote) too cheaply!

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