Ramblings: Updates of the 3rd Annual Electronic Health Records

I reckon I should provide an update to the “3rd Annual Electronic Health Records” that took place in Singapore last week (29 Nov – 2 Dec 2011). For this particular conference, I served as;

  • A speaker on effective Image enabling the EHR
  • Participant on a panel of discussion on Privacy & EHR (not exactly my forte of expertise)
  • A Workshop Leader where I conducted a 3 hour interactive workshop on Standards, Interoperability Design and Implementation, Workflow optimisation, EMR & EHR adoption strategy

So which of the above did I enjoyed most? Well, all of it but most importantly, it was the opportunity to catch-up with old friends (from all over the world), and making new ones. I also ended up playing the role of a ‘hub’ where I kept introducing friends to each other (I knew about 50% of the attending audience).

The presentations from most of the speakers were great and audience interaction were in general, pretty good, resulting in a healthy exchange of perceptions and ideas that were really refreshing, well, other than a particular chap who made the comment that healthcare is the same as other industry, he got corrected by a medical doctor shortly (it was one of those ‘seriously…” kind of moment) and explanation by me the next day during the post-conference workshop on the obvious  reasons why its not.

Particular mention is needed for the workshops.

I was initially extremely excited about the pre-conference workshop as it was to be conducted by Michael Czapski, Principal Sales Consultant, of Oracle Health Science but the due to unforeseen circumstances, someone else took over. However, I did enjoyed the sessions  from the replacement speakers  from MOH Holdings, Singapore.

For the post-conference workshop, I co-conducted it with Dr. Pawel. For my session, I had  a mix of physicians and IT professionals, this  enabled me to bring out the value of my workshop (which was an excerpt of a 2 day executive course that I develop and teach).

I could see the obvious differences in terms of understanding  healthcare IT in general as well as the specific topics I focused for that session by the time by the time so I think I did pretty ok 🙂

I also received word from the organisers that I had great feedback from the attendees for both my presentation and workshop so it was emotionally rewarding 🙂

Well, I’m not going to bored with folks with more on this conference so I’ll leave this post as it is.

Till the next conference 🙂

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