New Article: Challenges in EHR Adoption – Data Protection

Dear friends,

I’d like to share a new article (a commentary piece) that raises awareness on the topic of Data Protection in national wide implementations of Electronic Health Records (EHR) solutions.

The co-author of this paper is a Visiting Associate to binaryHealthCare’s Thought Leadership program – Ms Vicky SHI, an assistant manager in Deloitte Consulting SEA with close to 6 years of experiences in Consulting, Audit & Assurance and Financial Advisory Service.

Vicky serves as a functional expert in Data Privacy & Protection field in Deloitte Consulting South East Asia, driving the overall market and providing breaths of services that developed in line with the compliance of Personal Data Protection Act since its inception in Malaysia in 2010.

This commentary – Challenges in EHR Adoption – Data Protectionserves as the teaser to a series of whitepapers on the topic of Data Protection in eHealth.

Till the next whitepaper 🙂

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