Ramblings: 2011 Healthcare IT Standards Conference and HL7 Training by Grahame Grieve

Two events took place last week for the Healthcare IT Standards space in Singapore;

  • The Healthcare IT Standards Conference organised by MOH Holdings, Singapore
  • HL7 Training by Grahame Grieve organised by HL7 Singapore

The Healthcare IT Standards Conference organised by MOH Holdings, Singapore was excellent and I totally enjoyed the knowledge exchange from the local and international speakers (one particular speaker presented something really similar to what I presented back at Seminar and Workshop on Health Information System by MOH Malaysia so that really excited me because everyone loved the concepts!) and intellectual conversation that took place.

It was simply amazing and this is compounded by the fact that the organizers did not charge attendees for this amazing event, truly making knowledge available to those who seek for it. Well done MOH Holdings, Singapore.

Thanks to the Healthcare IT Standards Conference, Grahame Grieve (those who are involved in HL7 will know who Grahame is) was in Singapore as a speaker and MOH Holdings kindly ‘loaned’ him to HL7 Singapore for a day to conduct (free) training for members of HL7 Singapore.

The training content covers CDA, RIM and RFH, I am not going to elaborate on the details but one thing I can say for sure, he made it easy for the audience to understand (I took the HL7 ELC course and did the modules on CDA and RIM, it is not easy materials).

As Vice-Chair of HL7 Singapore, I need to thank MOH Holdings for loaning Grahame to us and Deloitte for sponsoring the event (HL7 Singapore only paid for the venue).

It was really a great week for myself in terms of professional development as I gained new perspective (especially towards medication error management) and had a chance to attend a course by Grahame for free!

There is one downside for the week – my laptop adapter broke down and I had to order one overseas as there are no stock in Singapore (I am using a friend’s spare laptop right now) but still, the week has been pretty good.


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