Ramblings: The “VNA Book”

It finally happened!

I released my second book – “Vendor Neutral Architecture & How It Will Change the World (of Healthcare IT)” (ISBN : 978-981-08-8883-1) for sale.

Due to some unforeseeable issues, I had to delay release of my book since September 2011  –  I cannot release the book in an electronic form, instead, it will be in printed format.

This means (among several other things) I don’t really earn $ from the book as the publisher (and many other stakeholders) takes a cut but since this is a community project (and the revenue will go into good cause), it doesn’t really matter.

I’m actually still waiting for the proof-copy to come but after reading all the discussions pertaining to VNA taking place at RCR Imaging Informatics Group, I’ve decided to release the book for  purchase) because it would appears that the book holds the answers to many of the questions posted!

To quote Dr. Neelam (she is my book’s reviewer);

“Excellent Book. It covers a large number of topics we have debated on our forum. It is hugely educational & brings out a lot of practical issues surrounding PACS implementation (including image enablement in the Electronic Health Record) in simple language.

I think it is well written & unbiased. I would recommend this to anyone who is involved in Healthcare IT – technical or clinical.

It is a visionary book promoting vendor neutrality & interoperability”

I hope this book will not only help  explain what VNA really is but also serves as the underlying guidelines to designing a VNA specification.

“Vendor Neutral Architecture & How It Will Change the World (of Healthcare IT)” can be located here

Dr. Adam CHEE

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