Ramblings: Asia Medical 2011 and Seminar and Workshop on Health Information System by MOH Malaysia

Last week was a busy (but fulfilling) week for me, I spent the entire week in Kuala Lumpur with the first 2 days for work.

I’m not going to go into details pertaining to work as they are confidential (plus it might bored you) but I did conduct a consulting workshop – which turned out great.

The next 3 days were spend on two conferences that were organised concurrently;

  1. Asia Medical 2011 by Frost & Sullivan
  2. Seminar and Workshop on Health Information System by Ministry of Health Malaysia

For Asia Medical, I delivered a lecture titled “Providing Borderless Interoperability for Image Management“, which focused on the areas of DICOM and how to overcome the common problems faced in interoperability due to non compliance of the DICOM standard.

I did gather some interest during that lecture but I had cut short the post lecture interaction due to my commitments for the event for the conference organised by MOH Malaysia (which was the main agenda for me).

For the seminar and workshop on Health Information System, the key topics were

  • National Health Data Warehouse
  • Interoperability

I met with several interesting and outstanding individuals (both internationally and locally) during the conference but I’m leave the details out.

I delivered a lecture titled “Vendor Neutral Architecture – Practical Applications for Healthcare Services Providers” which exams  system architecture how to design one that works for healthcare, regardless of healthcare segment and clinical discipline.

I was informed that my lecture gather huge interest and I had a quite few people from the audience asking me more about it during tea breaks and lunch, it always feels good knowing my lectures made a difference.

I had one gentlemen telling me that I am not the typical academian as I made “practical sense”, I was more surprised because I didn’t know the professorship would cause such an impression, I am definitely a practitioner first, academian second.

I was also honored to be given the opportunity to serve as;

  • Workshop Facilitator (Methodology in Evaluating Health Information System)
  • Forum Panelist (Methodology in Evaluating Health Information System)

Both events are co-related, I’m not going to go into details (if you want to know more, join the event as a participant next year, it will be worth your while) but I definitely feel honor to play a part in helping shape the Malaysia Health Informatics scene (they are relatively  advanced in their thought concepts).

In all, I am very glad I made the trip and I honestly look forward to the next annual Seminar and Workshop on Health Information System by Ministry of Health Malaysia.

In the meantime, my next conference presentation will be at the 3rd Annual Electronic Health Records 2011, Singapore (from 30 Nov – 2 Dec 2011).

P.S. The organizers gave me a  priority code that translates to a 15% discount off normal registration rate for my ‘colleagues, associates and clients’, if you have the intention to attend,  drop me an email and I’ll pass the code to you :)

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