Ramblings: I have completed the first draft of my second book

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pride that I share with you, the completion of draft 1 for my second book – ‘Vendor Neutral Architecture & How It Will Change the World (of Healthcare IT)’.

A twist of event had me stayed over in Malaysia over the weekend (its 12:30am+ on a Monday morning as I am typing this) and that gave me two solid days (well, minus some time to shower, eat and coffee breaks) to warp up the remaining chapters + 1 round of proof-reading.

It took me awhile to resume writing as I have been taking (involuntary) extended periods of breaks from the book (simply a lack of time as I can only write it when I am free) but I am glad that I have finally finished the book because I believe the contents will empower alot of people with knowledge on Vendor Neutral Architecture and how it can change the world of Healthcare IT, especially image enabling the EMRs/EHRs.

I’m going take a short break before tidying the draft and sending it to my reviewers and foreword writer. I got some really big names participating in both tasks so stay tune on the release of the book

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