Ramblings: Education Sharing Session from the Industry (ESSI) at Advanced Informatics & Management Centre (AIMAC)

I had the pleasure of delivering a lecture under the Education Sharing Session from the Industry (ESSI)  for Advanced Informatics And Management Centre (AIMAC) in Kular Lumpar, Malaysia earlier last week (28 Jul 2011).

What I really like about the ESSI program are;

  • The stringent selection requirement. They are very selective in who they invite as speakers, in fact, the speaker after me is Steven Yeo, VP of HIMSS Asia Pacific & Middle East (who is also a friend)
  • The audience. The audience comprises of mostly senior officials from established healthcare enterprises and MOH Malaysia

The topic I delivered is titled “Vendor Neutral Architecture (VNA): Revolutionising your Healthcare Enterprise”.

Now some of you following my blog might think that I am repeating the lecture that I delivered at HospitalBuild Asia 2011, well, its not.

I modified the original lecture slides to give it more meat because I had a 2 hour speaking slot (For the record, I spoke continuously, without a break for 1 hour and 45 minutes, someone should give me an award for that).

I personally thought that the lecture was well received as I had a room full of wide eye (eager) nodding (I adopted a lot of real life examples) audience plus alot of Q&A (not every common in the Asia context).

I totally enjoyed myself for this particular session and look forward to the next conference presentation (I just LOVE to share).

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