Ramblings: Plane-Hopping & the Consulting Workshop in Jakarta

I have been “plane-hopping” since mid May 2011, hopping onto airplanes almost every week (and its not stopping anytime soon, I’d be hopping onto a plane again next Monday).

So the first item of explanation needed is for the delay of my new book. I can only find time to write after office hours (in my free time)  and with the travelling, it became tougher because whatever free time  I have are divided into family and assignments (yes, I’m always pursuing knowledge). However I am determined to finish draft 1 of the book by August so the reviews can be done by September.

Back to Plane-Hopping. I’m not going to bored you folks with every detail of my travels (this is not a travel blog) but there are two events that I thought would be worth sharing.

Among my numerous trip (it is literary 1 trip every week, to different countries. The only time I didn’t fly was because I stay at the country for 2 weeks) one was to conduct a consulting workshop in Jakarta and another was to speak in a conference in Dubai.

Consulting Workshop in Jakarta

So why is this worth a mention? Well the consulting workshop was for end-users and the aim is to help prepare them as they embark on going filmless.

In this (and many other) part of the world, very few healthcare enterprise will conduct such consulting workshops for key end-users so this struck me as a positive sign.

The hospital group (a chain of ten and still expanding) has already gained fame for being one of the more tech savvy hospitals in Indonesia and I thought the session went very well.

I cover topics like

  • basic introduction of medical imaging informatics
  • evolution and benefits of implementing  a PACS solution
  • high level overview of the different components and how they work together (this is important, do not estimate this section)
  • different category of “going filmless”
  • workflow re-engineering (my favorite topic)
  • expectation management
  • and of course, the secrets to successful adoption (sorry, not going to give it away in this blog post)

It was extremely sastifying to see key stakeholders walking away feeling empowered and ‘prepared’, for those who are going to embark on a health IT implementation project (regardless of which clinical discipline), I would encourage a similar workshop be performed.

If you are not sure how to go about conducting such a workshop, drop me an email. That’s what binaryHealthCare is all about 🙂

I’ll share the experience about Dubai in the next post. Till then

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