Ramblings: Digital Pathology

I had the pleasure (and honor) to attend the launch of Philips’ Digital Pathology Solution earlier this evening at the Philips (Healthcare) Singapore Learning Centre and thought I’ll share abit on the event with you folks.

I personally thought the image quality is quite good (but hey, I’m no pathologist) but the scanner is huge as it is designed for high volume facilities  (they did mentioned that a smaller version in the pipeline).

The Digital Pathology solution is still in incubation mode and I am trying to explore how effective Tele-Pathology can be executed (the image file size are just too big) but it seems that the web based image access might be viable for Philips Solution because the image quality are quite good plus the isyntax file format seems to be pretty nifty (and it doesn’t really matter because there is no official DICOM Standards for Pathology yet).

In all the event went well with a great turnout. I met at least 15 old friends so it time well spend.


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