Prisons in South Korea Adopt TeleMedicine

Interesting updates from good ole FutureGov

The Korea Correctional Facilities of the Ministry of Justice has installed telepresence system in a bid to bring healthcare services to prisoners in four remote facilities in South Korea.

The move aims to provide prisoners of the correctional facilities in Daegu, Jinju, Gongju and Cheongju a broad range of healthcare services in real-time without the public safety risks and expenses involved in transportting prisoners to healthcare facilities.

The telemedicine system provides psychiatry and dermatology assessment, ophthalmology, internal medicine and orthopedics assessment with less waiting time.

Polycom South Korea said in a statement that the Korea Correctional Facilities installed the 14 Polycom HDX 6000 room telepresence systems with Unified Communications Intelligent Core standards-based Unified Communications platform.

Then system supports the H.264 High Profile, a standards-based video compression technology that delivers high quality video using less bandwidth.

The Health Care Division, Korean Correctional Facilities of the Ministry of Justice said in the same statement that the telemedicine system was “urgently needed by the prisons”.

Dae-Jun Shin, country manager of Korea Polycom, said Polycom is expecting the correctional facilities installation to “generate greater awareness for telemedicine applications across the healthcare and government sectors in South Korea in the years to come.”

The Polycom press statement added that the Korea Correctional Facilities has been at the forefront of telemedicine application since 2005.

The first telemedicine system was launched at Anyang Prison in 2005 for elderly and chronic patients.

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